Topeka, KS: After a more than a year of cancellations, quarantines and other related challenges, it’s time to get our youth back on track and back on the courts and ball fields. Lewis Toyota of Topeka is helping make that happen with the formation of a special youth sports fund.

The idea came to Brad Lewis, owner, Lewis Toyota of Topeka, when he started seeing his nieces and nephews return to youth sports. He noticed how some families were hesitant to join teams because of the high cost of travel and tournament fees.

“This pandemic has been extremely hard on our kids,” Brad Lewis said. “We wanted to do something that would help our community and get these kids back to doing what they love. Tournament fees and travel expenses add up. Hopefully, this takes some of the burden off of our local teams and families.”

Lewis set up the fund with the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce so they could help spread the word. $25,000 has been set aside to provide as much assistance to as many teams as possible.

“We always help a few teams each year, but we hope with this donation, we can impact as many kids and teams as possible,” Lewis said.

Teams in the Topeka area are encouraged to apply for tournament funding through an online application or in person at Lewis Toyota of Topeka on southwest Fairlawn Road in Topeka. The funds will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis and so teams are encouraged to apply soon!

All youth sporting and activity organizations are welcome to apply.

Let Lewis Toyota help cover your team’s expenses and let’s PLAY BALL!